Benefits Can Be Confusing.

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Let Us Be Your Gurus.

Understanding your benefits can seem insurmountable. That’s why our team has trained to be your:

Financial Aid Finessers

Financial Aid Finessers

Financial Aid Finessers

— in other words, the people who can help you understand your benefits and make the absolute most of them!

Understanding your toolkit:

An Abundance of Benefits — And Uses for Them

Many of our patients don’t know all of the ways they can leverage their benefits, or it’s slipped their mind over the course of a year. We understand completely; after all, it’s our job to help our patients get the eye care and eyewear they deserve, and that involves making it accessible with maximum savings.

You can always book an appointment to explore your unique benefits and put them to use!

But to get you started, here’s a refresher on common benefits and how you can use them:

Great Benefits…

Vision Insurance

Offers discounts or fixed fees for routine services, like annual eye exams or eyewear updates. We surprise our patients with how much vision insurance can help!

Great Benefits…

Health Insurance

Offers coverage for medical eye care, like medications or eye disease management. It can be hard to parse, but often covers more than meets the eye!

Great Benefits…

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts)

Let you store pre-tax money to spend on qualified medical expenses if you have a high-deductible plan. You can save on many services this way!


FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts)

Also let you spend pre-tax money on qualified medical expenses. You can save a lot — but your account empties at the end of the year if unused!


Comprehensive Eye Exams

Ensure your eyes are healthy and will stay that way. They update your prescription for clear vision. And most benefits help you save on them!


Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Should be kept up to date with your ever-changing vision — and fashion sense. A variety of benefits can make for major eyewear savings!


Contact Lens Annual Supplies

Are a convenient way to see clearly but have a more hardline expiration date than glasses. Benefits will make sure you never run out!


Not Sure Where to Start?

Whether you have something in mind, or you just want to know what you can save on, just contact us — we’ll be happy to walk you through it!

You Should Schedule Sooner Than Later: 

Many Benefits Expire at Year’s End

An important point to keep in mind is that many of your benefits run out at the end of the year. For instance, vision insurance discounts are often annual, health insurances reset their deductibles, and FSAs do not roll over their funds year-over-year.

At Vision Pro Optical, Vision Accessibility Is Our Priority

Vision Pro Optical offers a laid-back, patient-focused approach to eye care. Our offices are cozy reflections of what we want eye care to be: comfortable, easy-going, and stocked with cutting-edge technology. Whether you need a comprehensive eye exam or specialty contact lenses, we are here to offer affordable, highly personalized care at a great value for you and your family.

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