Eye Exam in Minnesota

Our mission at Vision Pro Optical is simple: to provide outstanding eye care for all. Our eye doctors offer the most thorough eye exams to help us care for every aspect of you and your family’s eye health. With regular eye exams from one of our experienced optometrists, we can help you and your family see clearly for the many years to come.

Comprehensive Exams

Our comprehensive eye exams are an important part of our approach to your eye care. Using advanced technology, our eye doctors comfortably check your eyes inside and out so they can spot the signs of eye diseases well before they can affect your vision. These eye exams go deeper than your average screening: we’ll evaluate your depth perception, color and peripheral vision, eye muscle function, responsiveness to light, and your eyes’ ability to focus and work as a team.

The Importance of Routine Eye Exams

Because eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma often don’t show symptoms until irreparable damage has already occurred, routine eye exams are your first line of defense against them. We can detect the signs of these conditions during our comprehensive eye exams to make sure the inner structures of your eyes are the picture of health. If we do see any cause for concern, we’ll explain our findings in depth, answer all your questions, and get you started on a plan to manage your condition.

Specialized & Pediatric Eye Exams

We’ll address the specifics of you and your child’s eye health in one of our specialized eye exams. It’s important to bring your child in for regular exams so we can catch any issues before they impact their ability to keep up in school and enjoy their favorite activities. Children’s’ eyes are constantly changing as they grow, and our doctors provide pediatric eye exams to stay on top of vision conditions they’re most at risk for, like myopia (nearsightedness), amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (crossed eyes).

Contact Lens Exams

Before you can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses, we need to make sure they suit your vision and unique eye shape. During a contact lens exam, we’ll assess your eyes and check for conditions that may affect your ability to wear traditional contact lenses, like astigmatism or dry eye. Our optometrists will also precisely measure your eyes to ensure a comfortable fit, and then we’ll recommend which lenses will help you enjoy your favorite activities with sharp sight!

Our Technology

Our practice believes in keeping your vision clear for life, and we have the tools to do it! We use a fundus camera and slit lamp to look deep inside your eyes and check the delicate structures that support you vision. To check for and monitor glaucoma, we’ll use our iCare tonometer to test your intraocular pressure and ensure it’s in a safe range. And to ensure you have the most accurate vision prescription, our optometrists use a phoropter as well as an autorefractor, so your eyewear is dialed in to your needs.

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My husband had come in with a very serious cornial abrasion. Dr. Wiener and her team gave us exceptional service and care. We had gone to Dr. Wiener when she was with Shopko and have always liked her.

Excellent service best eye care visit I’ve ever had. Very thorough.

Excellent service, great people. They have a customer for life after one visit.