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Does Your Child Have
Grade-A Eyesight?

Your child’s vision can change a lot over a year. And these days, that’s not just because their myopia (nearsightedness) progresses, or they develop age-specific conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eyes).

No, it’s also because the way kids learn — and view their education — is changing. More lessons take place on computer screens, which pump out problematic “blue light” that increases the risk of dry eye, eye strain, headaches, and more.

If you’re at all unsure if your child is ready to keep up in class, on the field, or even while making friends, don’t take the risk: schedule a pediatric eye exam!


Pediatric Eye Exams Make All the Difference. Here’s Why:

There’s much more to pediatric eye exams than a precise vision prescription. (Though, we find that too!) These annual check-ups are the single best way to stay ahead of potential vision conditions.

If your child needs glasses or contacts, we correct and help manage their eyesight. If we see any signs of eye disease, we put together a treatment plan that fits their needs and busy schedule.

Eye exams are always valuable — but child-specific eye exams can find things adult exams won’t.

Your Child Deserves Personalized Care.
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“Extremely courteous staff! Knowledgeable and professional!! Been coming to Vision Pro for 15 years and have never been disappointed. My 16 yr old daughter loved her experience there! They had a wide variety of frames to choose from and came out with 2 great pair of glassed”

– K.S.

“Get you in on a squeeze, repairs quickly, and seriousness taken when it comes to eye health. Very friendly staff as well to children. I’ve been with them since I was young.”

– R.Z.

“Great place. Worked with me to get an appointment around my work schedule. My son got contacts for the first time. The lady was so patient and helpful. She was encouraging and patient. He was embarrassed and she made him relax and understand that it was normal not to get them in right away. My week went so smoothly thanks to their professionalism and patience. In one week my family got 3 glasses and 2 contacts. Of them one child received his first pair of glasses and another child received contacts for the first time.
Thank you for helping my family to see better.”

– C.P.

“The staff and Doctors are great. I went there after my son broke his glasses and they where happy to help fix them. Never had a bad experience when I have gone there.”

– S.S.

“The front of the house was very welcoming and kind when my son and I first arrived. The Doctor was so great with my son who is 5, it was a great experience the first time seeing him for both my son and I! It was very quick and super easy to pick out glasses for myself. I highly recommend Vision Pro!”

– K.S.

“Switched over to Vision Pro because they have the best customer service for sure! Brought the whole family and was in and out in no time. There’s a fun kids corner to keep the little ones occupied. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

– C.D.

Why Parents Love
Vision Pro Optical

At Vision Pro Optical, your child always gets the care they deserve from experts you can trust. We’ll give your child a comfortable, comprehensive eye exam that’s sure to set them up for academic success! We also have back-to-school savings you’ll love — when you bring your child in for an exam, we’re offering:

  • Polycarbonate single vision lenses and a frame for only $79.
  • Polycarbonate single vision lenses, a frame, and an Essential Blue blue light filter for only $99.
  • Polycarbonate single vision lenses, a frame, an Essential Blue blue light filter, and an anti-glare coating for only $119.
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