When was the last time you had a full dilated eye exam? Although advanced imaging technology can sometimes be an alternative for eye dilation during a routine exam, dilating your pupils is also an effective way for your optometrist to determine the exact care your eyes need for lasting eye health.

You may wonder why eye doctors dilate pupils, but it can be helpful to think of your eyes like a machine, like a car – you need to have regular check-ups to ensure everything is working correctly. Read on to find out more about dilated eye exams, and how our team at Vision Pro Optical strives to provide the best optometry services for you and your family.

Why Eye Doctors Dilate Your Pupils

Why do optometrists dilate pupils? The answer is simple: dilation opens the pupil so your eye doctor can get a complete look at the optic nerve and conduct a retinal exam. Having an eye exam with pupil dilation ensures that your optometrist gets the full picture and can make sure the eye is healthy.

How Does Eye Dilation Affect Vision?

There are several side effects to eye dilation that you should consider before your exam. Because dilation opens your pupil wider, your eyes will be more sensitive to light and you may have blurry vision after the exam. Don’t worry — these eye side effects are temporary, usually lasting only 4-6 hours, though they may make some things, such as reading, working or driving more difficult for a few hours after your exam.

Can You Drive After Getting Your Eyes Dilated?

Though some people may feel comfortable enough to drive themselves home after a dilated eye exam, it is not recommended. Most people may find driving difficult or uncomfortable, even with the use of sunglasses, so it is recommended that you have someone pick you up from the exam or use a taxi or ride-sharing service to get home safely.

Dilated Eye Exams in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Eye dilation is important for maintaining your overall eye health, and our experienced optometrists and team at Vision Pro Optical are here to help every step of the way. Schedule an appointment today!