Eyeglasses and Lenses in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Every day, the team at Vision Pro Optical helps customers just like you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses — but that’s not where the story ends. We also want to make sure that you can get the most out of your new eyewear, and yes, caring for your glasses means more than occasionally wiping them off on your shirt.

We want your glasses to last for as long as you love your look and your vision prescription remains stable, so we took some time to explain how to properly care for glasses and lenses, and how it can help effectively extend their lifespan.

Smudged Lenses? Be Careful When Cleaning Your Glasses

All glasses lenses will become smudged at some point, but before you reach for that paper towel or dishrag, it’s important that you know that cleaning your glasses in the wrong way can damage or scratch your lenses.

When you need to clean your lenses, we recommend following these steps:

1. Wet Your Lenses

While it may seem harmless to wipe your glasses off when they’re dry, it can actually scratch your lenses. Any debris or dust that’s on your lenses or stuck on your cleaning cloth can cause tiny scratches if you don’t apply water or a cleaning solution beforehand.  

If you do use a cleaning solution on your lenses, make sure that the solution is made specifically for glasses. Many household cleaners contain harsh chemicals, which can destroy any coatings — like anti-reflective, scratch resistant, or anti-glare treatments — you have on your lenses.

2. Use the Proper Cloth to Wipe Off Your Glasses

When it comes to wiping off your lenses, paper towels, napkins, towels, shirts, and tissues should be avoided at all costs. Even though it may be more convenient or seem harmless to use these materials on your glasses, they have a rough texture that can be quite abrasive. Instead, hold your frames by the nosepiece and use a microfiber or 100% cotton cloth to gently clean the lenses of your glasses.

3. Let Your Glasses Air Dry

Allowing your glasses to air dry after a cleaning will help ensure that the lenses stay smudge- and debris-free. However, if you’re unable to let them air dry, you can use a clean microfiber or 100% cotton cloth to gently dry them.

Choose a Hard Glasses Case

There are a lot of fun designs for soft glasses cases, but hard glasses cases offer far better protection, especially if you’re carrying your glasses around in your purse or bag. Even if you’re just placing your glasses on your desk or on the nightstand by your bed for the night, be sure to store them in your case to prevent any accidents.

Be Mindful of How You Put On and Take Off Your Glasses

Despite what many may think, how you put on and take off your glasses is important. We recommend that you use both hands to remove and put on your glasses. Using only one hand can easily bend your glasses out of shape, meaning that you’ll have to have them aligned again in order to ensure that they fit comfortably and that you can see out of them properly. Also, avoid wearing your glasses on top of your head, which can cause misalignment as well.  

Eyeglasses and Care in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Glasses aren’t just a fashionable accessory, they’re an investment in your vision, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. By using the tips we’ve laid out above, you can effectively extend the life of your frames and ensure that your vision is crisp and clear.

If you have any questions about how to care for your eyewear or require an adjustment for your glasses, give our expert opticians a call at the Vision Pro Optical location nearest you.