Contact lenses are a fantastic vision correction option for many people, and it’s easy to see why — you can’t see them! Plus, they provide clear vision comfortably, and won’t get lost in busy places that may put eyeglasses at risk.

However, if you’re considering picking up contacts for the first time, are new to using contact lenses, or don’t necessarily know the best practices, put your lenses down! And before you do anything else, check out these four important tips to keep in mind when wearing contacts.

1. Wash Your Hands

Germs are contact lenses’ worst enemies, which is why cleaning lenses and keeping them sanitary is of the utmost importance. Washing your hands before touching your contact lenses — or your eyes in general — helps keep them clean and germ-free. Getting in the habit of always washing your hands before you touch your lenses will greatly reduce any chance of your eyes getting irritated.

2. Don’t Sleep with Contacts In

We know, it’s been a long day and you’re tired, but sleeping with your contact lenses in is an absolute no-go. Oxygen helps fight off germs, and wearing contacts with eyes closed means cutting your lenses off from that hygienic oxygen supply. Unless you have specially-prescribed lenses designed for sleeping, always take your contacts out before you go to bed at night to prevent any potential complications.

3. Never Use Water to Store or Clean Your Contact Lenses

Even if you’re in a rush, rinsing off contact lenses with water is a bad idea. Water can’t fully cleanse the lens of germs, and will dry the lens out, making it uncomfortable and even harmful to wear. Using soaps or creams on your lenses will leave a film and lead to the same issues. Lenses should always be properly cleaned and stored with contact lens solution, following your doctor’s instructions.

4. Handle the Same Lens First, Every Time

This is an especially handy tip for contact lens newcomers: get in the habit of picking a lens — left or right — and always removing or inserting that lens first. This is a simple way to prevent accidentally swapping the lenses, which makes your vision distorted and your eyes uncomfortable. It also prevents over-handling of the lenses, which increases the risk of germs, lens damage, and eye irritation.

Contact Lenses in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Contacts are great for letting you see clearly when frames are a hassle, or for anyone who simply prefers a no-glasses look. No matter what type of contact lens you want or need, Vision Pro Optical is here to help you find your fantastic fit. If you’re interested in the freedom of contact lenses, don’t delay: contact us at Vision Pro Optical to schedule a contact lens eye exam!