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Dry Eye Is as Common as It Is Uncomfortable
— And We Can Help

Experts estimate that somewhere between 16 and 49 million Americans suffer from dry eye disease: up to 15% of the population.1 If your eyes feel itchy, watery, gritty, or stingy, you’re not alone — and you don’t have to accept your dry eye. You should go to an eye doctor for help!

But before you choose just any optometrist, consider this. Tears are made up of three components: water, mucus, and oil. You want an eye doctor who can tell which of these ingredients your tears are lacking, and why you’re low on it. Otherwise, all their solutions may be only temporary.

That’s where we come in. At Vision Pro Optical, we have the technology to diagnose the unique causes of your dry eye case, and the treatments to provide fast relief and lasting results.

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Why Choose Vision Pro Optical

As a family-owned business, Vision Pro Optical recognizes the importance of personalized, familiar care, and it’s a value we’ve held in high regard since our opening in 1980. When it comes to dry eye, as with all our eye disease management, we make sure we fully understand your case before we customize your treatment plan to deliver fast, and lasting, relief. Whether you have chronic dry eye disease or a recent dry eye issue, we’re committed to helping you live your best life with clear, comfortable vision.

Our Treatment Options

Once we’ve identified the root causes of your dry eye, we can take action with one, or a combination, of these proven treatments:

  • Lifestyle changes: We can help you make small but meaningful changes to your habits, diet, and eyewear to improve your tear health.
  • Dry eye drops & artificial tears: With a variety of dry eye drops and artificial tears on the market, both prescribed and over-the-counter, our eye doctors can match you with the best drops for you.

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